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Welcome to the Unknown - or -
How to Embrance the only Constant in Life - Change

Embracing Change

May 26, 2021

I remember a moment in my life about 15 years ago. Thinking that after 30 years of living in a happy marriage, I was expecting to stay with my husband for the rest of my life and keep living the life we had. It was a good one, we had a home, were able to make ends meet and had lots of friends.

Then, within three years, it all fell apart and my life shattered. I was devastated and scared of what was to come. Today I know that it was the universe telling me it was time to move. It was time for major change.
Today, I am so very grateful that I learned to be at ease with change. As the Pandemic has made abundantly clear to all of us, nothing is as constant as change.

We all know it. Theoretically.

But so many of us fear it and try to avoid it as much as possible. Much of the fear is driven by the trauma of having grown up in a world of lack. I am not just talking about not having any material security, it is also the mindset of "not enough." That there is not enough and never will be, coming from our deepest fear that "I am not enough".

Within my journey into the world of spirit, growth and love I have learned that as we address that fear, as we put love into all our feelings, we can learn to switch into the mindset of Abundance. Abundance meaning that everything we need will be there when we need it. That there is always enough, that "I am enough".

Which brings us back to change. As I learned to walk again on my own after my life "ended," it was a brand new world for me. Having lost all I held dear, I had only myself to hold dear. Exploring spirit, I fell in love again and again and again within myself to new ways of being. And I started to remember the child I had been. The child with dreams and fantasies that were so different from the life I was being prepared for by my parents. A life that I had lived for so long. And with the memory came back my sense of adventure, of exploration, of joy of learning and remembering what makes me uniquely me.

A few years into this journey I started to welcome the unknown. Every New Moon, which marks a New Beginning of a cycle, I welcomed the unknown. I welcomed what I felt the universe was teaching me within a life that is full of twists and turns and change. As I welcomed it, my fears receded and my life became more adventurous and free flowing. I made plans and if those plans came through, it was great. If not, that was alright as well; it just was not supposed to be.

Within that mindset, within that flow, another deeper world opened up for me. Almost every single time when I was re-directed in my plans, something came up for me that was even more exciting than what I had originally planned. One time I had plans all year to do something. I got little nudges throughout the year that made me think of canceling my plans, but I stuck to it. Finally, something occurred that made it impossible for me to follow through with my own plans. Just a day after finally canceling what I had looked forward to all year, another opportunity came along that ended up rounding my life out in more ways than I could ever have expected.

With attention to what feels like love, in time I have learned to embrace the unknown with deep trust that it holds the highest and brightest path for me as I step forward in my journey.

With love being my main navigator, I make plans and let the Universe take me into the Unknown. What I have learned is that life has a way of loving me back. Within a mindset of abundance, I feel gratitude and awe in pretty much every moment as each next step is revealed. It never fails to amaze me how much love the universe has for us when we make our plans in love and freedom and then let them go...surrendering to what comes...allowing the constant of change to be a part of daily life.

Today I welcome the unknown each morning with gratitude for all the wonders and love it will bring.

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