Europa Gitte, Soul Connector, Life Master, Evolutionary Midwife

Evolutionary Midwife - Soul Connector - Life Master

Reiki Master - Crystal Adept
Teacher - Speaker - Artist - Dancer - Dreamer

Be the Master of your Life!

Do you live a fulfilled life?
Reach for the highest expression of what you can be?

What is a Life Master?

Living a full life of experiencing your own joy and peace. Looking in the mirror and being proud of who you are, what you do! Seeing beauty even in the darkest places. To be your own rock on which you hold onto when the storm hits. To balance your mind, body, spririt and emotions to find your own center of peace and equilibrium. To know yourself and make conscious choices. Seeing the gifts that life has in store for you. Live your life in harmony with yourself and the world. Living Life Large.

Every person has their own expression of what makes life worth living, what makes life grand. We all have our own perception, our own filters with which we see the world. Nothing is ever static or set, chance is the only constant in life.
As a life master, you can flow in peace and abundance through it all.
Be your own Guru, your own Medicine! Let your light shine brightly!

Healing yourself is healing the world. Your own process does give others permission to find their own way towards living a life of honesty, integrity, compassion, kindness.
Whatever you do for yourself, you do for all of us.

From my own journey I have gained many tools that have helped me to find my way, to become free and the Master of my own life. I am happy to share the wisdoms I gained so you can find your own way. It takes dedication, it takes courage, it takes dicipline. What you will gain is your own self, your freedom, your truth.

Your Life Master awaits you!

What is this offer about?

We will start with a 4 week homework assignment for you. You journal and take notes. You have unlimited email access to me and we talk once a week for about an hour. Personal, phone, skype, what ever works best for you. After the 4 weeks, we together assess what the next step in your journey will be.

Let me help you to recognize what is needed in order for you to achieve your goals. It will be my pleasure to offer you many different tools and practices for a joyful transformation. From Sound to hands-on healings, from talking to dancing, together we can find the road that work best for you.
This offer is available in person and online (Zoom) or phone.

1 month of transformation to claim a higher expression of yourself: $555

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Youtube Video - Healers I Know - Europa Gitte Reiki Master Teachers Holly Ray Wind and Europa Gitte 2017

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